Tuesday, January 26, 2010


If you love quilting but feel out of place with the traditional quilt scene, then this is the guild for you!

Started in October 2009 out of Los Angeles, the founding branch of The Modern Quilt Guild has quickly spread across the USA and beyond. Through blogs and the internet, the online community of modern quilters is thriving. Born through a desire to meet in person, this young organization encourages anyone who is interested to join them. Beginners are welcome!

Modern quilting offers a new twist on the traditional art of quilting and is sometimes difficult to define. Essentially it reflects and celebrates more of the the personality and personal style of the quilter than the confines of traditional quilting would often allow. By encouraging the quilter to "challenge the rules", it would seem that the only rule in modern quilting is that "there are no rules!"

To learn more about this contemporary movement please visit the new website
The Modern Quilt Guild - it's full of great ideas on how to start your own branch, offers inspiration for things to do as a guild and links to already existing guilds in your area.

Check it out! It's not your Grandmother's quilting anymore!

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  1. I'm so excited to see this movement across the country! Budding art quilters, whether they know it or not. I've joined the NY Metro group and while it is still a virtual group, some of us are planning to get together next month. It's great that all these young quiltmakers are playing and experimenting and have each other. I started when I was in my early 30's and didn't know another soul who quilted. Making up for it now, though!