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Maggie Grey is currently the editor of Workshop on the Web, an internet based magazine, and was previously editor of Embroidery magazine. In addition to this, she travels extensively, teaching embroidery and computer textile design. She has written many books, the latest being "Embellish and Stitch" and "From Image to Stitch". Maggie's work features both machine embroidery and the use of computer controlled machines. The Embellishing machine is a great new addiction. She loves mixed media techniques which include burning, moulding and melting. New materials are of great interest. Sketchbooks are important to her and she has had great fun writing the "Textile Translations: Mixed Media" book in order to share these delights.

Photo courtesy of Maggie Grey

RUNNING WITH SCISSORS STUDIO - Morning person or night owl?
MAGGIE GREY - Morning - very early.

RWSS - Dogs, cats or ...........?
MAGGIE GREY - Both, but I can't have a dog just now as I travel too much. The cat does his best.

RWSS - Have you ever held a traditional 9-5 job?
MAGGIE GREY - Yeah - boring old insurance.

RWSS - Favorite place you've been or lived?
MAGGIE GREY - I love where I live in leafy Dorset, but if I couldn't live here I'd choose Vancouver.

RWSS - Best dessert?
MAGGIE GREY - Gobi - sorry, misread that - Creme Brulee.

Photo courtesy of Maggie Grey

RWSS - Who's on your i-pod?
MAGGIE GREY - Neil Young, Elbow, Killers, Mark Knopfler, Duffy, Emmy-Lou Harris, Fleet Foxes, Stephen Fry's podcasts.

RWSS- What book have you read recently?
MAGGIE GREY- The Time-Traveller's Wife - for the third time.

RWSS - Favorite quote:
MAGGIE GREY - "Time for coffee" - Clive Grey.

RWSS - Do you do anything special for your birthday?
MAGGIE GREY - I'm not good at remembering it (Freudian, no doubt) so I'm often working away. That's good if Clive is with me, but not so good on my own. My choice would be a meal out with all the family.

RWSS - What inspires you?
MAGGIE GREY - Old surfaces, texture, landscape, figures, icons, paintings........

Photo courtesy of Maggie Grey

RWSS - Best advice you've ever received?
MAGGIE GREY - Val Campbell-Harding telling me I should write a book with her.

RWSS - Worst advice you've ever received?
MAGGIE GREY - 'Of course it's wise to keep your holding in commercial property'.

RWSS - What do you do to unwind?
MAGGIE GREY - Walk, draw, read, visit galleries, unplug phone.

Photo courtesy of Maggie Grey

RWSS - If you had to choose another career what would it be?
MAGGIE GREY - Medicine.

RWSS - Are there any of your own pieces that you can't bear to part with?
MAGGIE GREY - Several - one that my grandaughter helped me with (she only charged $20) based on genetically modified fruit and veg - called 'The Genetics of the Fruit Bowl'. Several early Icon pieces. Plus my piece for the Cyber Fyber exhibition ' Binary Humanity'. There are also several pieces that I wish I hadn't sold and really miss.

Photo courtesy of Maggie Grey

Photo courtesy of Ellen Meder

RWSS - Best part of your day?
MAGGIE GREY - The bit where I get to do some stitching.

RWSS - I'd be lost without........
MAGGIE GREY - Clive (and Fiona who does all of our admin - without her we couldn't function). And possibly chocolate.

RWSS - What's on the horizon for........
MAGGIE GREY - I'm excited about our recent revamp of Workshop on the Web - our on-line workshop mag. ( Also exciting is working with Michael Wicks on more d4daisy books. We have some fabulous authors lined for this year and next.

RWSS - What would you like to be remembered for?
MAGGIE GREY - Being an OK mum, step-mum, grandmother and writing the odd book.

RWSS - What would you do with a few extra hours each day?
MAGGIE GREY - Are you offering some? I'd like to say something extraordinary but, in truth, I'd probably work.

RWSS - Any words of wisdom?
MAGGIE GREY - If it doesn't work, cut it up, weave it and stitch it on somewhere else.

We invite you to visit Maggie Grey's websites for more inspiration and fabulous ideas.

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  1. Your conversation section is going to be so cool. I am so excited for you guys.


    I love the words of wisdom of Maggie Grey - If it doesn't work, cut it up, weave it and stitch it on somewhere else. I can't think how many times I have done that but I never saw that as wisdom (lol) which I have to say it totally is.