Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It's here! Thr3Fold Journal Issue 04 has been released and we've just received our copies!

Linda Kemshall, Laura Kemshall and Catherine Nicholls are authors of the very popular Thr3Fold Journal series and have just celebrated the launch of Issue 04.

If you are not familiar with the Thr3Fold series, each journal is a book and CD set that covers a wide range of exciting, creative topics. This latest release is no exception and continues on with the format of a high quality printed book and CD set. Issue 04 features articles including:
Diary of a Quilt: follow Catherine's progress as she creates a quilt on a brand new theme.
Get Your Motor Running: free motion quilting advice and project with Laura.
The Golden Rules: Contrast: explore the importance of contrast in your work with Linda.

Other topics covered in this issue include oil painting, handmade textile jewellery, drawing with pencil and charcoal, knitting and photography. Features 52 pages with full color photographs and the accompanying CD is equally filled with informative articles backed up with patterns, copyright-free images and video clips. With absolutely no advertising, the journals are pure inspiration!

We are pleased to offer all four books from the series in our online store - they make an excellent gift set! There is a virtual launch of this issue by Linda, Laura and Catherine on the Thr3Fold website - please visit and go to 'Events' to join in on the fun!

To read more about these three talented artists, we invite you to visit the In Conversation
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  1. Fantastic cover art! How exciting and this is something I'll have to add to my christmas wish list. Set of four just like the four seasons and I actually see that in the cover art!

    Looking forward to learning more.